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Your vision might not have changed, but getting an eye test is still important for maintaining overall eye health. After all, you see a doctor for a regular health check-up, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your eyes?

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How often should you get your eyes checked?

We recommend you get your eyes checked every one or two years. But it really depends on your age.

Now’s the time to come in and let us help you get the jump on any potential vision loss.

It helps to come in more regularly, so we can ensure you’ve got the right lenses and make sure we detect any eye disease early.

When was your last eye test? IF you're unsure, why not give us a call and find out?

Booking your eye exam

When you book an eye exam with us, we don’t just get you to read letters. You get a full eye health check-up. Your consultation will take around 30-45 minutes, depending on your vision requirements. It’s a bit longer than your standard eye test, but we’re making sure we test for everything, using the latest technology such as the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)  machine (which we’re pretty chuffed about). So you’re getting more than just a simple Snellen test.

Here are the eye
health services we offer.

Optical Coherence Tomography

The latest technology that’s used to test for macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. It uses visible light to produce a 3D image of the inside of your eyes, allowing us to detect signs of macula problems (including macula degeneration, holes, diabetic retinal disease, and oedema), and early signs of glaucoma.

Visual Field Tests

Visual field tests are used to check your entire scope of vision, and creates a map of each individual eye. A crucial part in the diagnosis and treatment of all glaucomas, and many neurological diseases, visual field tests are used to detect any dysfunction in your central and peripheral vision. Ours generally take 10-15 minutes, and help you detect blind spots, optic nerve damage, and early signs of eye disease.

Retinal Photography

We use a high resolution retinal camera to closely examine the retinas. The high quality images enable us to see early changes in eye health that may otherwise go undetected. The procedure allows us to detect macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and glaucoma as well as many other sight threatening eye disorders.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is a multifactorial disease of the ocular surface characterized by a loss of homeostasis of the tear film, and accompanied by ocular symptoms, in which tear film instability and hyperosmolarity, ocular surface inflammation and damage, and neurosensory abnormalities play etiological roles. For some people, the symptoms are so severe that it causes as much distress as cardiac problems.

The symptoms of dry eyes include:

  • sore eyelids, which may also be swollen
  • a gritty, burning or itching feeling in your eyes
  • eyelids sticking together, especially in the morning
  • crusting on your eyelashes
  • scaly or greasy eyelids
  • difficulty wearing your contact lenses
  • watery eyes – the brain produces tears as a response to dry eyes which is counterintuitive.
  • blurry vision
  • itchy eyes

Seeing one of our Optometrists will help us determine what type of dry eyes you have so the best treatments can be initiated.

Prescription Glasses Fitted on-site. Repairs and Adjustments while you wait.

Langley Eyecare has it's own optical laboratory right here in Civic, Canberra.

If you require a repair or adjustment to your glasses, we have experienced optical mechanics and a laboratory on-site. On holidays or after an emergency pair of replacement glasses? Contact our team or drop into the practice, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What happens next?

What happens next depends on your results. You might find that you’ve got 20/20 vision, in which case we can schedule you in for another checkup at some point in the future.

If you find you’re long-sighted or short-sighted, or something else, we’ll sort you out with a prescription for glasses and lenses, or contact lenses, tailored to what your eyes need.

If your test finds something that needs further assessment we offer specialist referrals within Allied Health in Canberra ACT.

Glasses or contacts?

This one’s mostly up to you, but what really determines whether you need glasses or contacts will be the results of your eye test, and your circumstances. Your eyes might need stronger support than what contacts can provide, or you might want a more cost-effective option than repeatedly buying contact lenses.

When you come and see us we can provide you with advice about what choice is going to be best for you while you browse our range of frames, including niche fashion brands, and get a look that suits you.

Looking for something different?

Be sure to check out our great collection of fashion eyewear and exclusive European brands in-store today.

Book your consultation now

Come on in for an eye check, and get peace of mind that your eyes are as healthy as they can be. We’re looking out for you.

Did you know?

All major Australian Health funds

We're registered with all major Australian health funds for your optical rebates, which includes contact lenses, prescription glasses, and sunglasses, and we also provide bulk-billing services for those that need it. So whoever you’re with for your health cover, you’re covered with us*.

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Bausch & Lomb Contact Lens Packaging and Blister Packs recycle program

We’re even part of a recycle program with Bausch & Lomb and TerraCycle, a fantastic initiative to reduce waste from items you don’t often think about. All you need to do is bring in your used contact lenses and blister packs, drop them off with us, and we’ll ship them off to get recycled. We also recycle old spectacles that are no longer needed by their owners and donate them to the Lions Club in support of their Recycle for Sight initiative, cleaning them and sending to third world countries to help others in need.

Meet your local Canberra team

Here’s the friendly local team who you’ll meet in our store.

Dennis LangleyOptometrist

Dennis has been in practice in Canberra for over 30 years. His clinical interests include childrens vision and contact lens fitting. He has watched many of his young patients grow up and now sees their children! Outside of optometry Dennis enjoys travelling, cycling and having the odd glass of wine (purely for medicinal purposes). He also has no plans to retire any time soon.

Kym BalcombOptometrist

I arrived into Australia in November 2017 from the United Kingdom with my husband, a dog, and a fat British Shorthair cat. I have subsequently gained another dog, to keep myself fit. I am myopic and wear contact lenses. I have been lucky enough to work in my profession worldwide, including New Zealand, various African countries and had exposure while living in the Middle East. I have been a member of the Australian Optical Board since 2003. My initial qualification was from South Africa in 1999. I have a Therapeutic qualification from Glasgow Caledonian University and a higher Glaucoma Certificate from Cardiff University. My passion is A & E. I have worked for various hospitals in the UK as a Senior Optometrist and the later on as a medical practitioner (optometrist). I have extensive experience in pre/post operative/treatment. I have been lucky enough to be trained by some world leading Ophthalmologists. I continue to learn something new every day, especially from colleagues. Hobbies are the husband, golf (when time allows), pilates, running, diving and the outdoors.

Wayne StrudwickOptometrist

Wayne graduated from UNSW in 1992 and has worked all over Australia. He has lived in Canberra for 17 years. Professional interests include Therapeutics, dry eye, and glaucoma management. Outside of work he enjoys running and reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my consultation take?

Most appointments run on time and are completed within 30 minutes. Our patients are then encouraged to spend another 20-30 minutes browsing frames with our qualified optical dispensers.

My prescription is over a year old, can I still use this?

It’s recommended all patients have an eye test every two years (minimum). If you’re aged over 60 years we recommend having an eye test every year to check the overall health of the eye. If you’re currently experiencing any blurry vision, trouble reading, or headaches behind the eye, we recommend booking an appointment ASAP.

I have a glasses prescription. Can I use this for contact lenses?

No, glasses and contact lens prescriptions are completely different as the power of each prescription will vary.

Can I use my health fund extras cover at this optometrist?

Yes, Langley Eyecare Canberra is registered with all major Australian health funds.

Are my frames and lenses covered by a guarantee?

All our frames and lenses are covered by a manufacturer’s guarantees, which is a warranty covering any manufacturing faults and lens coatings. If these occur within the first 12 months of your purchase, please bring your frames back to be assessed, to be repaired or replaced. This doesn’t cover scratches or damages that have occurred due to general use.

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Client Testimonials

Langley Eyecare is outstanding not only in service but in eye wear choice. I've worn glasses now for 20 years and I have tried many places to not only get my eyes checked but to also purchase glasses. Either the service was lacking or there was poor choice in eye wear. They just didn't make the grade. But, Langley Eyecare get top marks on both fronts. They take the time to get to know you, consider your needs and work together with you to find out what suits you best. I always receive so many compliments about my many awesome purchases. I can't recommend Langley Eyecare more highly! Thanking you again for all your kind assistance and having the best choices in glasses!!!


For over 30 years I have received professional and caring service from Dennis Langley and highly recommend him as an optometrist. He is thorough in his checks, with what I believe is excellent equipment for doing so, and he always provides excellent diagnoses and feedback. He has also referred me on to specialists, as required. Not once in all that time have I ever experienced anything but courtesy and certainly, I have always found the staff at Langley Eyecare to be friendly and efficient. I cannot fault their customer service. I will take this opportunity to thank Langley Eyecare for looking after my eye health so well.


Langley Eyecare has taken care of my eyes for about 35 years. At first with contact lenses, in later years with glasses as my sight deteriorates with age. All this time, both routine and through accidents with lenses or after cataract operations, overall attention has been exemplary. The specialist taking the utmost care to check health as well as vision for my eyes. The staff have always been helpful, friendly and courteous in every way and are careful to ensure any kind of applicable refund is applied against the cost.. I am happy to recommend Langley Eyecare highly for eyecare in every respect.


I've been seeing Dennis Langley since I was a child and now take my family there. I wouldn't go anywhere else.


Have been using Langley Eyecare Center for over 10 years now and work with any budget. Very friendly and wonderful service. Thank you for the awesome work you guys do for my family and friends that I have recommended to you as well!!!


Come in and see us

Whether it’s fuzzy vision, or you’re simply worried about your eyes, we’re here to make sure you’re looked after. You can give us a call for any questions you might have, or to make an appointment with us simply fill out the form below. We’ll then confirm your time and date - all you need to do is show up. At Langley Eyecare Canberra, we’re looking after you.